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Help! I can’t write

We have been asking friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances for their top tips for getting words on the paper. Whether you are writing a novel, a thesis or just an essay, take a look at the tips below for inspiration and then get writing.

Academic Writing Tipswriting happening

  • Break down the writing in to chapters, main points and key arguments. Each point has to be introduced, delivered, examined, challenged and connected to next point
  • Be inspired by a key quote – start off with a sentence/quote from a respected academic or researcher whatever, and then tear it to shreds!
  • Read papers and articles from outside of your subject area –  be inspired.

General Writing Tips Write now

  • Start with a key scene, theme or event. Work towards that, how can that happen? What’s the fallout? What is the effect?
  • Your starting point won’t necessarily make the final cut
  • You can be amazed by what a deadline can produce – know what motivates you to write and use it
  • Silence your inner critic – tell the voice in your head this isn’t the final cut, this is work progress
  • Never finish a writing session at the end of a sentence – put your pen down mid-sentence, it will give you a good place to start the next time.

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