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The Interview presentation and how to avoid things going wrong

You have practised your presentation and you are ready to roll, but you still have that nagging worry. We have all sat in a presentation whilst the presenter desperately tries to find their slides, or get the screen to display. The audience feels uncomfortable and sorry for the presenter, who only makes things  worse by saying things like

 I didn’t expect this to happen, it all worked fine this morning

You can’t mitigate against everything but you can go in prepared and have back up plans. Here are a few top tips to get you going

1. Email your presentation or Prezi link to the interview administrator a day or two before and ask them to check that it works on their system

2. Find out what versions of Microsoft Office they use, if the presentation room will have access to the internet and how big the screen is. This helps you to prepare and shows that you are prepared. You earn credit points with your new potential boss before you even enter the interview room

3. Scan your presentation for virus/corruptions

4. Take your presentation on a USB stick. Check it in another machine and not just the one you wrote your presentation on. Also, check that links work and that images display properly

5. Print a copy of your slides on A4 which you could use instead of a screen if there really is a major technical problem

6. Finally, make sure you have practised enough to be able to give your presentation without a computer. Remember, a candidate who can can overcome adversity and deliver their presentation despite technical difficulties is going to score high on the interview bonus points.

Good Luck!


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